Marie Lokke

Marie Lokke (also known as Marie Lokke Mathiesen) was born on January 9, 1876 in Kristiania (Oslo), Norway. After studying art in Norway with Harriet Bacher and later, in Dresden, Germany for several months during 1900-1901, she went to the United States in 1902. In America, she studied with Charles W. Hawthorne in Provincetown, MA, remaining in the United States until 1916, living for different periods in Ephraim, Chicago and Woodstock.

She returned to Norway in 1917, staying until1919 (Soon-Oslofjord / Kragerö / Hoitsten / Jomfruland). Then, Kopenhagen (Danmark) followed from the Belgian period (Gent / /Genck)

and the intensive period in France (Camaret / Bretagne) until 1921. From 1922 until 1926, she painted in Norway. Then returned to the US and Canada between 1927-1928 (US / New Hartford (Connecticut), then Canada Regina-Sask. / Bouff-Alberta). From 1930 until 1948, unfortunately there are no records of her work or travels.

She married Finn Mathiesen, an engineer, in 1903.  This marriage would produce a daughter, Helga, born on July 1, 1904 in Chicago. In 1928, the couple divorced.  Marie Lokke died on February 29,1948 in Oslo (Norway).